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The Alternative Parts List For the S Series


The following list has been created from various sources. Please check that they relate to the right model and engine size.
The use of any data contained in this site is at your own risk.
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Last updated 29/05/2014

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Headlamp sealed unit

S28M 10069

Valeo Cibie 66700589 082439

Written on box
Headlamp Assembly  

Wipac Cibie
66700589 082439

Lamps, relector glass and rear bowl (32.50)
Headlamp Lens  

Cibie / Valeo 082439
Wipac S4700
BL10L24 (mini)

Better Known as H180 7 inch H4 lens with side lamp. (Pistonheads)
Headlamp adjusting ring shell, and plastic bowl.


Wipac S5400
(From Team Central)

Chrome ring and plastic bowl
Bowl fitted marked Wipac
PAT No. 1050743
Series 337
Headlamp Bulb.  


Phillips H4 12342 Premium
12v 60/66w
Chrome Rings.

S28M 10006

Wipac 8" (S5445)

7 inch (replacement supplied
by TVR was 8")
Front Indicator Lens.

S28M 10003

Leyland Daf Part No.
BAU 2249

See Pistonheads link for lens replacement from new mouldings
Pistonheads thread here

Or as alternative 95 ish kia pride front lens, BMW E30 lenses or indicators fitted to the Nissan Terrano

see here    here    and here
Side Indicator Lens.  


Escort Mark IV
Driving Lamps.  

Lucas DX-150 Part No.
LDB 126

Driving Lamp Halogen Bulb.  

Lucas Part No.
LLB 453

Rear Lens Cluster.

S28M 10001/2

Direct Car Parts

Ford Escort Mark IV
Ford-Now discontinued.

Direct car parts, several types available. Smoked, clear, Red / Black etc from 69.99-139.99. Change the general look of your S1, S2, S3 making it look less Ford Escort rumped!

Direct Car Parts - The Business & Innovation Centre, Sunderland Enterprise Park, Wearfield, Sunderland, SR5 2TA. Tel/Fax: 0845 6521442

Web URL: www.directcarparts.co.uk
Link to Rear lamp page: Click here
Rear light Cluster holder.  


fits both sides

stamped number 81AG13N004

S3 2.9 1991.
Dash Lights Ballast Resistors .  

LLB 453

Available from Classic Partsworld ,Ballast Resistors 1.6ohm @2-03 each (Feb 2010)

Pictures Click here
Door Mirror (Ribbed type).

S28U 10013

Citroen CX

S3c fitted with CX mirrors
as fitted to Griff and Chimaera.

Brodie Engineering (Citroen Specialists)can supply spare parts

Mirror Stalk (CX type)  


Part Number: 95647738
Part Description: mirror stalk cx mk 2
Model Code: MA
Price: 8.47 (May 2005)

Picture of mirror can be found on this site

Click Here
Door Mirror Electric.  

As above, also Jaguar XJ220

Rubber Trim Around Mirror.

TU 0436

Team Central TVR

Rubber O rings 5 1/2 inch
diameter by 1/8 th inch
(4 per mirror).
Door Mirror Black Type. TS28U 10013 


S" Fixed type.
Door Mirror (Ribbed type).

S28U 10013

Citroen CX

S3c fitted with CX mirrors
as fitted to Griff and Chimaera.
Mirror Glass Drivers.  

SRG 40
(Citroen CX mirror)

Summit Automotive
Tel 01295 270770
Mirror Glass Passenger.  

SRG 44
(Citroen CX mirror)

Order from motor factors.
Rear View Mirror.  

Possibly Peugoet 205

Low Note Horn. 025M 058A

Unipart GGE 151

Horn Marked Mixo
Type 99
High Note Horn. 025M 057A

Unipart GGE 152

Column (Ind/lights/wipers).  


Ford Escort
Indicator/hazard warning switch.  

Ford Sierra 1982-86

S2 2.9
Dash (fogs/driving/fan).

S3/4 V8S Centre console Switches

TR7 or Range Rover Classic Notes = Switches for fog light and driving light are same as Range Rover Classic Heated rear window or foglight switch. Fan is same as TR7 headlight and RR Fan (possibly also headlight) 3 position switch.

Believed fromTR7
(Rimmer Bros Triumph
Round Dash Switches.  


Two Speed Fan Switch.

S1.5 1989

Intermotor 50056

9.45 @ 03/06/09 through APD
Two Speed Fan Switch.

S3 1992 2.9


The Range Rover Interior light switch will replace the 2 speed fan switch with slight modification (adding an extra pivot point to the fast speed contact)
Electric Window Switches.  


Most late 80`s Alfa
Romeos will work,and fit
original hole with slight
trimming of plastic on switch

Topic on Pistonheads for switches Here

Link to website in topic Click here

Electric Window Switches.

S2 Only

Land Rover PRC 5255

Switch from Land Rover Discovery Mk1 - only applies to S2
Distributor Cap.  

Motorcraft 6580693

Lucas DDB 752
(2.9 S3C)

Rotor Arm.  

Motorcraft 1643692

Intermotor 47741 (2.9 S3C)

V6 Cap Suppressor.  

Motorcraft 6081467

7 needed
V6 Kit-Ign Wiring.  

Motorcraft 5030306

Motorcraft has correct shaped ends
Spark Plugs (6).  

Motorcraft 5099775

Carol ProSpark OES352

NGK BCPR6ES (sprinting)

Motorcraft super AGPR 22C
Spark Plug Lead Set (7).  

Motorcraft 50300306

Many alternatives
Ignition Coil (Dry). M0894


TVR state no longer available
HT Lead for Dry Coil.  

Unipart 8mm
Part No. GHT 2005

Female end at dry coil connection
Ignition Coil.  

Motorcraft 1027283

Was Motorcraft Part No. 6077429
Ignition Coil.  


Demon Tweeks epoxy filled
Ignition Coil.  

Lucas Part No.
DLB 125

Ignition Module. (S3 2.9)  

Intermotor or Motorcraft 15310

Fitted to all granadas, scorpios
Ignition Coil Lead.  

Unipart Part No.
GHT 8005 (8mm)40111


Lucas LRA 125

S2 (65 amp)
2.9 S2/3

Q&H FRA671

Alternator for a 2.9 S2/3 is the Bosch one and is a 90 Amp beast as pictured on Page 104 of the Steve Heaths S Series 2nd Edition.
V8S 1993

Lucas Type LRA 463

Can be ordered under Lucas Part Number 24161 (It`s a A127 65 Amp RH fixing) from any motorpart dealer.
86 inc vat. Sep 03
Oil Filter. S28E 10005

Motorcraft 6063340
Motorcraft EFL 3840111

Coopers Z501, Fram PH2854
Crossland 547, Unipart GFE 264, Motaquip VFL313

Intermotor 47741
Air Filter. S28E 10030

Pipercross filter
No. C3004

Pipercross Cusomer Services
Tel 01604 494945
Air Filter. S28E 10030

K + N

High flow panel air filter
(`filtercharger`) for S1
(for 2.8/2.9 Scorpio?)
Fan Belt.  

Auto Delta DB1200BC

Quinton Hazell QBB 1200

Motaquip VFB609
(S3C 2.9 1991)

Gates 6228MC

Belt fitted marked F.A.1
Auto 13AV 1200 Goodyear
Rocker Cover Gaskets (2). S29E 10044

Motorcraft 1651474

Rocker Cover Bolt.  

Motorcraft 6145448

Rocker Cover Washer.  

Motorcraft 6104677

Plenum to Inlet Manifold Gasket.  

PF 1651474

Check part No. same as rocker
cover gasket
Plenum Chamber Gasket. (2.9)  

ford part no.1659956

S2 2.9 1990
Gasket Throttle Body to Plenum . (2.9)  

Ford Motorcraft 6188280

S1 2.9 1986
Inlet Manifold Gasket.  

Motorcraft 6927149

Crankshaft Spigot Bearing.

S1 2.8 1988.

Ford 1596468 or 82ET7600DA.

Most cars will have 21mm OD roller bearing. Available from www.bearingkits.co.uk

See pistonheads Link Here
Crankcase Emission Breather Filter.  

Ford Part No.

Grommet for above.  

Motorcraft Part No.

Sump (2.9).  

Ford 1634644

128 25/4/01
Sump Gasket (2.9).  

Ford 6195424

Sump Plug. )25E 042A

Motorcraft 1454117

Sump Plug Washer. 025E 043A

Motorcraft 1454118

Fuel Pump.  

Lucas FDB 702

Bosch Part No. 580254911

Bosh 580254911 available from www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk
Fuel Pump Relay.  

Lucas FDB 502

Fuel Pump Relay (Pink).
1988 2.8 S1

Motorcraft 6107322

These were from a 1986 XR4i. Not sure if it will fit the 2.9 engined cars
Fuel Filter. S28L 10023

Motorcraft 5020505
Ford EFG 32
Fram G3744
Bosch Part No. 0450905601

Was Motorcraft No. 6688744
Fuel Filter.Copper sealing washers
S1 2.8 1996


Motorcraft 6688744 Notes = Two pairs of copper washers, different sizes for each end, which you should replace when changing the filter. Finis codes for those are 1503882 and 6054981.
Fuel Filter.
V8S 1992

Mahle KL9

Petrol Injector
2.9 pre cat.

Ford Part No.

S2 2.9 (1988)
Injector Seals
S1 2.8 1988.

Bosch 343021066

See Pistonheads Thread Here
Petrol / Fuel Tank Sender. SF00014


Different connectors to original
Petrol / Fuel tank Sender Sealing Ring. SEN00014

2 will be needed (Because the replacement fuel tank sender is plastic, it will require 2 sealing rings in order to achieve a leak proof seal. Spade terminals will need to be fitted to the existing sender wires)



Leyland van with extra core
Radiator / Cooling Fan. K0062

Kenlowe Part 16sxx


Davies Craig fan, model no DC31

19:07 25/07/2013www.kenlowe.com

David Criag fan TVR S cooling fan all the way from Australia. An exact match for OE and requires NO physical mods excluding the electrical connection.

Purchased recieved and fitted - all within 7 days.

Click here for Davies Craig Website

Expansion Tank.  



MG/Triumph part number ARH259 Notes = Brown and Gammonds. S2 2.9 1989
Engine Core Plug (2.9).  

Motorcraft 6198559

Block under manifolds and cylinder heads
Idle Speed Control Valve.  

Motorcraft 6631855

Intermotor 14845

Also referred to as air intake valve

Gasket (for above).  

Motorcraft 1628248

Idle Control Valve V8S 1992.  

AC Delco part number 25527077

1992 V8S
Throttle Potentiometer.  

Ford Motorcraft 6854780

Intermotor 19935

Now with gold connectors

Throttle Potentiometer Wiring Assembly.  

Ford Motorcraft 5028499

Required to rewire the above.
Manifold Gasket.  

Motorcraft 6653140

One piece (cut between ports)
Exhaust Manifold Gasket.  

Payen JC365

2.8 needs 4, 2.9 needs 6.
S3c Catalytic Bypass Pipes.  

Peninsular Automotive

About 80 a pair
Stainless Steel
Radiator Pressure cap (swirl tank). 025K 005A

UnipaRT grc 1110
Quinton Hazell FC53 15IBS

Radiator Cap Sealing Washer. 035K 119A

Not stocked by TVR or
apparently available

Make from car Inner tube, or buy a cap with washer fitted
remove and use that.
Engine Thermostat.
1991 S3C 2.9

Quinton Hazel QTH316K

Notes = 88 degrees opening temperature.
Otter Switch
Thermostatic Switch.

Metro Rover Part No.
GVS 104

Team Central stated this part from Mini Metro
88-92 degree
Otter Switch
Thermostatic Switch.

Intermotor part No. 50110

correct thread size, spade fitting wire connections and 88 to 92 degree operating parameters (PH s forum 24th June 2005 fitted to S3)
Throttle Cable. (for above).  

Motorcraft 6720349

Best to buy TVR original??
End Fitting for above.  

Motorcraft 6142979

Air Flow Meter Assembly.  

Ford 6142551

Bosch Part No 0280200047

Ford PN 86GB 12B529 AA

S2 2.9 1990
Uprated Power Boost Valve.  


Demon Tweeks
Engine Mounting.

TVR state that original mountings were Ford Germany spec, and are no longer available. They suggested to call at a Ford dealer and ask for round rubber insulator, and suggested (Ford Capri / Transit). They (TVR) will not supply, Ford UK mountings, as they are not type approved and tested in the car. Team Central state there are two types of engine mounting fitted. 1. 1 1/2 inch rubber thickness. 2. 2 inch rubber thickness (See below for details). Fitted to 1991 S3c were mountings marked FORD GETEFO 073535, No Ford part number

Engine Mounting.  

Ford Part No.

Rubber thickness 1 1/2 inch. Ford Transit
Engine Mounting. 025E 001A

No markings on mounting
Supposedly a Ford part

Rubber thickness 2 inch, from TVR dealer
Clutch Master Cylinder.  


Morris Marina??
Clutch Master Cylinder.  

Girling 64676310

Cluth Master Cylinder
Seal Kit.

Lucas 74066169
Lockheed LB13DC002A

Cluth Cylinder / Reservoir. 025E 001A

Marked Girling

Fited to 1991 S3c


Water Pump
2.9 S3C

Motaquip VWP426

Water Pump
2.9 S3C

1 126 035 EPW14

Genuine Ford MOTORCRAFT water pump as fitted by TVR on the 2.9
Front Brake Components.  

Ford Sierra up to the end of production in 1993

Caliper 54mm* diameter piston

Nearside caliper Lucas BCW186E

Offside caliper Lucas BCW187E

(note this is a slightly 'stepped' piston, the O/D on the portion visible outside the dust seal is 52mm)

Seal kit from   www.biggred.co.uk   part number 5414A

Disc is slotted, none ABS, Lucas DF 1649

Pads Lucas GDB 255
Front Lower brake hose.

S1 2.8 1988

Lockheed/Delphi LH3255.

TRW/Lucas PHC205

Short flexible hose from caliper. (82-94 Granada/Sierra)
Brake Pad (4). S28J 10045

Motorcraft 5018899

Lucas GDB255

Ferodo FDB206

Mintex p/n MDB1175
(sierra 2.0)

Ford PN 87FX 2K201 GA
Brake Disc (2). S28J 1001

Motorcraft 5023572
Lucas DF1649T
National NBD002

Ford Sierra
Rear Drums (2)
Not V8S /S4.
S28J 10052

National NDR003

9.4 inch Ford Sierra
Rear Brake Shoes. S28J 10031

Ferodo FSB176A (FSB176)
or LS 1268

Rear Brake Shoes.  

Mintex MFR 163

Mintex MINMFR163

Direct replacement for S2, available from Partco

29.23/set @ 26/03/04
Rear Wheel Cylinder.  

Lucas 64677523

Delphi Part No. LW37523

PowerTrain PWRPHWC187

72 GB 2261 CA

2.9 S2

7.65 each @ 26/03/04
Seal Kit.  

Lucas SP2714

Brake Pressure Regulator.  


Brake Fluid Reservoir.  


Fitted to 1991 S3c
Brake Servo.  


Earlier type SAAB 9000 non ABS
later changing to Ford Sierra (difference
down to location of fluid reservoir)
Brake Servo.
Non SAAB Servo

TRW/Lucas PSA328 Notes = Fiesta XR2i (?)

S2 2.9 1990
Master Cylinder Ford Servo.  

TRW/Lucas PMH247

S2 2.9 1990
Brake Servo.

1989 TVR S2 with the remote brake fluid reservoir.

Lucas TRW PSA314

For Saab 9000 6/84 on 8958423.
Brake master cylinder.
1992 V8S

TRW/Lucas GIR PMH368

Ford 6170688

22.2mm, 115.84 inc. June 05
Brake master cylinder.
1988 S1

Lucas Girling

pmh237 (74066814/74066519)

Saab 8964892
Brake master cylinder.
1989 TVR S2

Delphi LM36410

For Saab 9000 non ABS
Brake master cylinder Service kits Notes .
1986 TVR S1


www.brakesint.co.uk Master cylinder service kits not available for SAAB 9000 (Girling Part Number SP 8544) but exchange M/C is (Girling part number PMH 237) www.biggred.co.uk Master cylinder service kit for 22.2mm bore cylinder www.partsforsaabs.com Master cylinder service kit part number PFS901705
Handbrake Button Release Spring. TS29 10092


Provided by TVR through Peninsula (2.25 29/3/03)
Wheel Bearing Kit. S28C 10004

Motorcraft 5010762

Ford Sierra
S1 2.8 1986
Rear wheel bearing.

SKF BT332541AA-0

2 bearings each hub. readily available
S1 2.8 1986
Rear hub oil seals.


Ford part, number changed, this is latest (May 2012) Obsolete but Online Ford Parts still had stock. 2 needed per hub
S1 2.8 1986
Rear CV joints.


part, becoming obsolete but still available on line May 2012
S1 2.8 1986
Rear brake drum.

78BB 1126 BA

Ford part, may be obsolete but still supplies available
Rear Suspension Mountings.  


No Longer available, can either cut
or carve an S2/3 or apparently
Adrian Venn of Exactly TVR can make a unit from his jig
Rear Trailing Arms.  


Reconditioned ones from Adrian Venn
Exactly TVR
Special Column Washer. S28H 10008

Ford 6121994

Ford Sierra
Column Seal. S28H 10009

Ford 1650936

Ford Sierra
Bearing to May 1989. S28H 10010

Ford 6121994

Column Grommet. S28H 10011

Ford 7042536

Bearing May 1989 onwards. S28H 10055

Bearing marked
NTN 600 5LB

Available from bearing suppliers
but cheaper from TVR dealer
Steering UJ`s.  

S1 1986 2.8


Notes = Top UJ (listed Sierra to Escort one) Info Here.

Bottom UJ (not V8) Info Here
Steering Rack. S28H 10050


Track Road Ends. H0068

Part number TA687

Quinton Hazell
Part No. QR1384S

The Quinton Hazell is an alternative to the Lockheed and TVR part and comes from the Ford Cortina Mk3. Fitted 15/6/07 at 4.77+Vat.

Alternative part fitted to 1991/2 S3

Track control rod locking nut is M14 thread.
Front Top Ball Joint. S28C 10035

SAAB 900
Part No.8993321

From Pistonheads S Gassing 22/2/04

There is a problem with the fit of some SAAB 900 ball joints - even the original ones from SAAB are too big.

A perfect fit is Q&H part No. QSJ1004S.

For further update see full Pistonheads S Forum thread Here
Bottom Ball Joint.  

Lada 1200 1972/76
Part No. QSJ768

AP Lockheed TC204

From Pistonheads site 23/5/03 (S Gassing)

The current Lada 1200 QSJ768 do not fit S1/S2 nor does the AP Lockheed TC204. Hole position is not important for Lada's What does fit is QSJ765s or AP Lockheed TC76 both of which are for Fiat's models 124/125/132

Anti Roll Bar Mountings.  


Mountings marked VO Ford 83BB 5484CG
Steering Column Plastic Cowl.  

Ford Sierra 1982 to 86
Black trim

Upper - FINIS Code 6155169 Part No.83-BB-3533-BAW

Lower - FINIS Code 6155171 Part No.83-BB-3530-BAW


Type N, or MT75
Gearbox Mount.  


Quinton Hazell EM1536 Notes = original Ford Finis ; 6145436 ; obsolete Motorcraft ; 1454275 or 72HF 6068 AA ; obsolete : the relevant part of the 72HF 6068 AA number is the 6068 part which needs to be correct
S2 2.9 1990


For 2.9 with type nine gearbox
Pressure plate: 89GB7563AA
Clutch disc: 89GB7550AA
Releaser: 3151803001
S1 2.8 1986
Gear lever gaiter.


Ford part, discontinued. Newford Parts have a few available. Apparently Ford P100 and most basic early Sierra. Do NOT use CBS universal type as baulks gear change


Diff Mounting.  


Sierra ??
Prop UJ`s.  

GKN Hardy Spicer
Part No. HS 160

Moprod UJ102

Quinton Hazel QL161103

GKN heavy duty as fitted to Land Rovers, greasable with nipples.
Quinton Hazel now own moprod
Rear Drive Shaft.  


Ford Sierra 2ltr(rear disc brake)
Rear Bearing Carrier.  

PF 6102198

Ford Sierra 2ltr
CV Joints.  

ISOTrans DR3017

Listed as Ford Granada
CV Joints.  


AMK parts are listed for a Consul/Granada, are remanufactured and came in at 25.84+Vat from Partco (Jul 07). Unlike most others they come with the rubber boots, grease and circlips.
CV Joint Boot Kit.  

AP Lockheed
Part No. TBJ 2042

Front and Rear.  

SG 716 or PG 718
Check with AVO

AVO shocks www.avouk.com
Wedge Automotive supply AVO

KONI 80 2617

Listed with KONIfor TVR S2 1998-1991
Front Shocks.  

Gaz shocks
Damper No.
GPF 3617
GPF 3617 B12 B04

Supplied by Tower View. On supply set as standard box marked set at 18 clicks. Ride height adjustable

Also available from

Rear. S28D 10035

KONI 80 2618SP3

www.koni.com will discontinue when stock gone
S28C 10055


Rear Springs. S28D 10029


Rear Springs (s2)
S29D 10037


Article TVR Sprint May 1998, info from TVR as alternative for rear grounding problems
Rear Damper. S29D 10053


As above
Lower Wishbone Bush. S28C 10013


Poly bushes are better
Upper Wishbone Bush. S28C 10014


Front Hub Grease Cap.  

Ford Finis code 6142524

Heater Valve
Engine bay.


VW Golf Mk I & GTI
Gear Gaiter. V0266


Rubber Gearstick Gaiter.  

Ford 6112048

S2 2.9 1990
Roof Stays.  

Not Available

Griffith and Chimaera alloy style will replace. Will need to drill new holes in back panel, as struts slightly longer.
Roof Seal Back Hoop.  

Part No. 266

At www.woolies-trim.u-net.com/doorseal.html suppliers of rubber trim
Door Seal. U0188


Windscreen. S28U 10001


Autoglass listed as TVR Griffith `S` tourer windscreen laminated green. Autoglass No. 1100WCL

Notes = Euro code
9255ACL is a clear windscreen
9255AGN is a green windscreen codes for a clear screen with green top band ACLGN and green with green top band AGNGN but these will be much harder to find (if there are any)
Door Glass No Tint.  


RCL2TFD (pistonheads). Autoglass held as stock for `Griffith (S Tourer) 91 on.
Eyeball Air Vent. P0112


Door Hinge Bush. U 0007


2 per door
Door Hinges.  


Door hinges - S1 8mm diam (no longer available) Adrian Venn at Exactly TVR, can replace with S2 10mm diam, which are more durable
Door Handles. S28U 10011


Mark II Capri. (S3c are TVR)
Speedometer. S29N 10044


Speedo repair

Wiper Motor.  


Adrian Venn of Exacltly TVR is now stock holder of all parts to remanufacture LAP/ex Lucas unit.(the original makers of the 29watt wiper motor as fitted to the S Series)

For further information contact :-
Adrian Venn
Tel/fax 024 7659 6883 or mobile 0795 695 6042

E-mail: adrian@exactly-tvr.demon.co.uk
Wiper Motor Park Switch.  

Lucus part number: 520160A

S1 1988 2.8
Washer Bottle.  

Ford Fiesta Mk II

Marked 53191-84FG17618AA
Interior Light.  


Ford Fiesta
Window Motor Assembly.  


Unit fitted marked Electric lift. Motor marked Bosch PE 12V 0130 821070
Window Winder.
1988 S1.


1979-1987 Audi 80
Part No 813837399D
Roof Catch. (plastic). S28U 10202

E8 Adjustable Style Draw Latches
p/n E8-10-502-20

Made by Southco plastics. www.southco.com

Southco's tel No 0845 117 9222 but the part is only obtainable individually from their distributors - they will give you the tel No of your local, there is one in High Wycombe tel: 01494 437437. Price at 25 March 2009 was 7.42 each plus a 8.50 delivery charge, so just as well buy two as one
Roof Catch (stainless).  


Leven Technology
Door Stop (receiver).  


Mk IV Cortina
Boot Solonoid.  


S3 2.9 1991

Mod Wise 4.80

Boot Gas Strut.  

Stabilus Part No.

Strut Marked Stabilus
484415 0100N 22/90F11
Stabilus tel 01295 700100

part no N080.AC130

Boot lid stay, stainless steel.

Wixroyd. www.wixroyd.com

Specific page for stay Click Here

Tel :-01483 286677

Picture of stay fitted Click Here
Boot Release Cable.  

Ford Part No.

S1 and S2 mechanical release, lever and cable (Ford Sierra) Check cable length??
Bonnet Hinges. U0508

Get them made, 12mm bolts with tube welded on end (expensive for what they supply)

Door Screen Seal. V0148


Weather strip between window and door
Petrol Tank.  

No Longer available

Stainless steel replacements can be obtained from David Gerald TVR

visit parts section at, www.davidgeraldtvr.com

Petrol Tank Sender Seal and Locking Ring .  

Land Rover (Defender) Part Number

ARA 1501 (Locking Ring)

ARA 1502 (Seal)

An alternative to the TVR part for the seal and locking ring are the landrover defender part numbers listed (one is the seal the other the locking ring) Bought from ebay for 5.00 Sep 08
Chrome Fuel Filler Cap. S28L 10008


S3 Dash Warning Cover. S29N 10042


Plastic warning cover, high beam, indicators, etc
Pipe Fuel.  

5/8" ID Hydraluic hose
SAE 100R1AT BE710

Hose from tank to fuel pump. Available from any good hydraulic / pneumatic supplier.
Locking Wheel Nuts.  


Ford S052130 Code 1118205.

Or Grayston LN110

Lucas Part No.
YUA 069/3

Halfords HB 069

Seat Belts.  

Main Site

Link to TVR Applications page

TVR Listing

Shorter seat belt stalks, so they don`t dig into your ribs--- Peugeot 307.

Replacement Body Panels.  


TET Mouldings
Unit 6, Block 4.
Cocker Ave, Poulton Ind.Est.
Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancs FY6 8JU
Tel.....01253 892342
Fax.....01253 892342

Website:- Click Here
Replacement Hoods.  


Unit D3, Barwell Business Park,
Leatherhead Road,
Chessington, Surrey

Telephone: 020 8391 5324
Fax: 020 8391 5851

E-mail: info@autohoods.co.uk
Douglas Valley Breakers Ltd
Site 1 (Dismantling Yard)
Bradley Lane
Tel 01257 472866 Parts
Fax 01257426534

Bell Hill Garage Ltd.
Bell Hill, Norton St. Phillip,Bath BA3 6LT
Tel:- 01373 834252
Fax: 01373 834253

Front Suspension / Wheel Alignment.  



mm (degree)





King Pin Inclination.  


(+13 degree)
Rear Suspension / Wheel Alignment.




The above information for settings was found in the Haynes Automotive Technical Data book and list the following cars
S(2.9), S2c, S3c,S4c Cat.

Following info received in relation to above camber settings As standard, front camber should be in the region of -1 deg +/- 0.25 deg and rear camber should be in the region of -0.5 deg +/- 0.25 deg.





22 psi

24 psi

60 psi

Engine Oil. SG/CD

8.27 pints / 4.7 litres

Radiator Capacity.  

18 pints / 10.2 litres

Transmission Oil. API GL5

2.5 pints / 1.4 litres


Overall length


Width overall

Height overall

Front track

Rear track

Ground clearance

Luggage capacity

Fuel capacity

Vehicle weight dry

3958 mm, 155.82in

2286mm, 90.0in

1665mm, 65.55in

1223mm, 48.14in

1398mm, 55.03in

1398mm, 55.03in

140mm, 5.6in

0.225 cu m, 8.0 cu ft

54.5 litres, 12 gallons

940kg, 2072lbs

The TVR S Series
(second edition).
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